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    characteristic impedance of broadband antenna

    Is all broadband antenna have a constant characteristic impedance Z??? Thx..
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    How to create delay in Visual Basic?

    visual basic delay How to create delay in Visual Basic? thx 4 help.. Private Sub Command1_Click() dim i as Integer For i = 1 To 1000 Next i Picture1.Print 1 End Sub does the program above create any delay before printing number 1?
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    Does indoor need a bigger antenna?

    I am testing a Discone antenna indoor.. Is it necessary to make the size of antenna bigger by decresing the frequency?? I currently testing discone where frequency is 1GHz.. but cannot get the radiation pattern.. Thx for help..
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    maximum voltage input for PIC16F877 ADC input..

    pic16f877a handling analog inputs i have set ADCON1=80H.. according to datasheet, this is to set all PORTA pins to analog input.. do i still have to find out the +Vref and -Vref? how am i going to do that? TQ.. :o
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    maximum voltage input for PIC16F877 ADC input..

    adc input i have test out the ADC input with applying DC voltage from power supply. when i adjust around 2 volts.. all the output LED are light up.. is my testing on ADC input wrong? :( A problem i see from my testing is without supplying any voltage input to PA2, 2 LED are already light up..
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    maximum voltage input for PIC16F877 ADC input..

    maxmimum pic adc input voltage i have connected the 8bit output of ADC to portD. by the time i input DC voltage around 1 to 2 volts, all the LED is light up.. is it the maximum voltage that supply to ADC is less than 2V?
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    maximum voltage input for PIC16F877 ADC input..

    pic16f877a voltage can someone tell me what is the maximum input voltage for PIC16F877 10bit ADC? i'm using PA2 as single input.. thx
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    Output of instrumentation amplifier

    Is the output of instrumentation amplifier analogue signal?
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    analogue voltage supplied to PIC.. Help!

    hi, im using ADC input of PIC16F874A microcontroller. My analugue input is around 10mV. can the PIC detect this small voltage? Or the voltage signal need to be amplified before input to PIC? TQ..
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    Which load cell is suitable for weighing liquid in a bottle?

    Load Cell i need a load cell to measure weight of liquid in bottle.. which type of load cell is suitable? :) Is there a way to built this Load Cell? :)
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    Recommend a cheap flow rate sensor

    Can anyone suggest a low cost flow sensor that can measure velocity of water? TQ.. :wink:

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