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Recent content by bacurrie45

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    how to Create spiral antenna?

    what sort of spiral are you trying to create is it logarithmic spiral,archimedean etc ??
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    Archimdean Spiral antenna MATLAB code

    Hi there i just finished a master's project designing an Archimedean spiral antenna and would like to upload my MATLAB code to help others in the future who may need it. The code will ask you to define the number of turns you want and your outer radius based on your lower frequency then will...
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    log spiral antenna in AUTOCAD

    Hi I am trying to draw my log spiral antenna into autocad so it can be concerted to DWG and sent out for manufacture, the problem is i have never used autocad before and it is proving very difficult. I have tried importing my coordinates from excel but having no luck. Does anyone have any ideas...
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    log spiral arm truncation

    thanks for the reply i even tried inserting the specific start and stop angles for each curve of the log spiral but that did not help either. I just need to truncate each armand i have a feeling it may have something to do with my angles
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    log spiral arm truncation

    Hi there i have managed to design a log spiral antenna with the following parameters but cant seem to get matlab to truncate each arm of my antenna a = 0.22 N = two turns flow = 300Mhz fhigh = 1Ghz ro = 75mm I have simulated my designs in matlab and i am getting a two arm log spiral but i...
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    log spiral and archimedean spiral design

    Hi there I am new to the site and in need of some advice. I am designing a log spiral antenna and a Archimedean spiral antenna. My upper frequency is 1GHz and my lower frequency is 300MHz. I have looked at the design equations of the log spiral or equiangular spiral but I am really confused as...

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