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    Through-wall imaging on a robot

    Our professor and his team working with GPR system and they have lots of experience about that , but just specially uwb radar antenna side.They are trying on a new consept actually and want to add 2 or 3 side : RF hardware design (i and 1 PhD ass.) FPGA design members (we try to convincing 2...
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    Through-wall imaging on a robot

    How can you buy that chip? i found and lerned novelda chip last day :) but i didn't find who buying that. (chip or development kit) Espicially Novelda looking just working some company but we are student.. By the way, we are struggling on Rf side that kind project.
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    Through-wall imaging on a robot

    i just saw your project last weekend. will you share anything your design ? is it open source project ? if it is, we work on too. we need lot of tips..
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    [SOLVED] uwb radar chip and dev. board is missing..

    any one know about uwb radar?? we working on GPR application at university, but i didn't find any uwb radar chip or somethin buyable...
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    Look for UWB transceiver chip

    https://www.novelda.no/content/products But how we buy development board or single chip i don't know :( i am M.S. student about uwb radar, if you find anything about uwb radar chip, just pm to me please...
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    How can I design and simulate a wireless/RF system ?

    But if manufacturer don't create RF file (s2p,s*p,... or something ) for their ICs how can we create that? Did you use Sıwave or agilent ADS with any RF transceiver or something ? i also using LNA, mixer or anything because manufacturer give us all file, but transceiver file never I found...
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    How can I design and simulate a wireless/RF system ?

    Hi guys, I'm designing Rf wireless system in university. Zigbee (Texs. ins., Atmel, nxp etc. ), wifi(Tex. ins., etc.) system circits it's my personal area. However I never simulated this circuits. How can I trust , my circuit absolutely will work? I have lots of development board, all system...

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