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Recent content by ata-ur-rehman

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    frequencies in sound signal using MATLAB

    dear ones i can record sound in matlab but i want to extract exact frequencies in the recorded signals. As the sound contains a few kHz of bandwidth...... so plz help me to extract the exact frequencies........And if some one can help me to extract the Fundamental Frequency it will be more...
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    Suggest me a book to start learning DSP

    Re: Book suggest i ve studied two books on DSP one DSP by Proakis and the other by Oppenheim i found Proakis easier for the biginners then u should read oppenheim needy of points ata
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    spectrum analysis code in MaTLaB(urgently required)

    view wave realtime matlab hi dear i know how to record the voice use the " wavrecord " command the question how to apply this is to see this command in MATLAB help then take the fft(abs(recordedvoice)) after this use " plot " command to plot the output i hope some home work in this way will...
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    what is a digital signal

    DLD IS FOR Digital Logic Design............ if you dont understand it then in simple "Digital ElectronicsS".
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    i need a book which relates MATLAB and DSP

    dear one any body who can e-mail me a nice book on DSP with MATLAB my e mail is engr_ata@yahoo.com
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    what is a digital signal

    i got a problem and confused ........ is a signal digital if it is discrete at y-axis but not at x-axis....... i think from the concept of DIGITAL ELECTRONICS it is digital.......or in PCM(Pulse Code Modulation) we use the sample and hold technique and the quantized output is directly converted...

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