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    Hi everybody, I am in bit of a trouble. In need to aquire data from analog devices evalution board (ADISUSBZ) in matlab. However I am not being able to do so can any body help. Thanks in advance. Regards, Asif
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    Proteus.....new component

    Hi, Can anybody tell me how to add a new component in proteus...i.e I want to use analog ADuc7026 but its not available in proteus any way i can simulate it...probably by adding a library but how it can be done..or its not possible..Or can u suggest any other simulator.... Secondly I am looking...
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    Keil 4 + Step by step debugging issues?

    Yep , keil uvision 4 (Evaluation)....Any suggestion regarding step by step debugging ...
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    Keil 4 + Step by step debugging issues?

    Hi, I am not able to step by step debug a C code for ADuc7026 in keil 4 (evaluation)...the code has no issues...its a simple blink code... (Step by step debugging of codes that use LPC21xx.h has no issues... Any Explanation....? And how do i solve the problem...?
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    abc.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol DAbt_Handler

    hi, Whenever I try to run a code of ADuc702x on keil 4..I see the following error...Its most probably the startup file.Can anyone help me out on how to solve it Build target 'Target 1' compiling lmn.c... assembling ADuC702x.s... linking... abc.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol DAbt_Handler...
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    ADuc7026 - request for resources

    Re: ADuc7026 Many Thanks, I think this will do the job :D and will get me started.. One further question can I simulate my circuit containing ADuc7026 on proteus....Proteus 7.1 does not have a library for ADuc702x microcntrollers.I tried to find the library online but was not able to find it...
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    ADuc7026 - request for resources

    ADuc7026 Hi , I have to use ADuc7026 for a project. Need help..Can anybody mention some good tutorials...that can provide basic understanding....Google was not much of help...Thanks in advance Regards, ASIF
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    Proteus library for ADuc7026 ?

    Hi, I want to add a library for ADuc7026 in proteus. As the version I have of proteus 7.1 does not have the library by default....Can any body help me..Thanks in advance. Regards, Asif

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