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    Test problem of DAC concerning the ramp data

    Hi, I've tested the DAC I designed using the ATE. But I'm confused the results. The ramp data on nth code is always different in every ramp period. For example in 12bit DAC, the output from input digital code 0100 0000 0000 in the 1st ramp, 2nd ramp, 3rd ramp .... are totally different. It...
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    problem to integraed the bridge diode

    Hi, I'm woriking on some project to design a power IC with the bridge diodes to rectify the input of 40V p-p AC to DC. I'm wondering what is the considering issue to integrate in the HV CMOS process. Please share with your experience if you had. Thanks in advance.
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    Difference between HV CMOS and BCDMOS

    high voltage cmos vs. bcdmos Hi, I'm working on the project for the class-d amp. Actually the supply needs about 30~40 due to the output power. So I'm looking for the proper process, but I'm so confused between the HV CMOS and BCDMOS process for what is cons and pros. Anyone who have exprience...
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    Milliken's capless LDO technique

    capless ldo regulator can you post the papers?
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    Milliken's capless LDO technique

    capless ldo can you post the papers?
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    I need the lecture note for analog IC cource in AMSC

    Hi, Does anyone who has the lecture note for analog IC cource in AMSC? Thanks in advance.
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    What is the feedthrough current control ?

    While reading a paper, I saw the concept called "feedthrough current control" in the data communication. I'm wondering what it means. Thanks in advance.
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    Do you think that the slow input clock may affect my lock detection counter?

    PLL input clock You should use the behavior model.
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    Current source transistor size for DAC

    Hi, I calculated the size of the current source for the DAC, but the size came out to long channel and narrow wide, about 3/20 I think the transistor could be operated in the weak inversion region with that size. Is there any problem on that? Thanks,
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    DNL/INL test input files

    Does anyone who has the sample input files for testing the INL and DNL of D/A converter with SPICE? Thanks,
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    How to simulate the DNL and INL with SPICE

    Does anyone who has the sample input files for testing the INL and DNL of D/A converter with SPICE? Thanks,
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    how to simulate the overdrive voltage?

    Hi all, I make the overdrive voltage of transistor to 0.1V when the current flows about 1uA. So I should decide the typical size from the simulation. But I don't know how to simulate. Do I have to simulate just with diode- connected transistor with current source? Could you show me the...
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    What is the problem with the design of the bandgap with nA?

    Hi all, I'm trying to design the bandgap circuit. but it is used for the low power application, so it is allowed to consume only the hundreds of nano amphere. I'm not sure what the problem and difficulties in that case. Could you share your exprience with me? Thanks,
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    Is there specific process for wideband high performance amp?

    Hi, I'm wondering there is specific process for wideband and high performance op-amp like 2.2g GBW, 2KV/us and over 100db etc. I guess it might be BJT not CMOS. Am I right? Thanks
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    What is PROS/CONS for integrating the op-amp external?

    Hi, I've just got the new project, which is integrated the op-amp outside into inside the DAC IC. I'm just wondering there is fair reason for using the op-amp out of the DAC such as noise. Generally, what is limitation for the design of the OP-amp stand alone or integrated into a chip? Some...

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