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  1. Aritra17

    [SOLVED] Why do we need a component in VHDL (why having entity and architecture is not enough?

    you need to define the component just to give the ports of the particular module you will be using in that program. the smaller blocks grow up into bigger blocks you need to define the ports of the smaller blocks for the bigger block similarly like netlist in tanner eda software
  2. Aritra17

    3 bit flash adc circuit and its corresponding waveform

    yaa sure im good in vhdl too..............studied verilog a bit......bt nt good what do you wish to design????? send me the circuit diagram then i will see you have to use s edit first then t spice
  3. Aritra17

    3 bit flash adc circuit and its corresponding waveform

    **comparator** .subckt cmp in ref out Vdd Gnd M1 Gnd ref N3 Gnd Nh L=.15u W=1u AD=66p PD=24u AS=66p PS=24u M2 N3 ref bufr Gnd Nh L=.15u W=11u AD=66p PD=24u AS=66p PS=24u M3 N2 in N3 Gnd Nh L=.15u W=11u AD=66p PD=24u AS=66p PS=24u M4 N4 bufr Gnd Gnd Nh L=.15u W=2u AD=66p PD=24u AS=66p PS=24u...
  4. Aritra17

    full adder vhdl program using for loop only

    sum of full adder needs a xor gate not a and gate and as far as i think your loop wont work that way
  5. Aritra17

    DAC and ADC architectures

    See i have worked upon flash adc i have worked in 10MHz range but i have worked in 3bit adc resolution, higher than that is difficult to perform using flash adc pipelined is a stack of flash adc its bulkier than flash and so is delta sigma i believe but it is true that the resolution in...
  6. Aritra17

    DAC and ADC architectures

    can't tell about DAC but there are many types of ADCs each and every one has its advantages and dis advantages it depends on you which type of adc will you be doing i can provide you flash adc architecture only...............i have worked on it
  7. Aritra17

    problem created in coding of 2bit and 3 bit flash

    a problem occurs when i code 2bit flash adc using the 3bit flash adc code the pattern of the output waveform changes completely but i can't find the difference between the two codes after all i have made the 2bit out of the 3bit by removing some coding lines that's it but the waveform pattern...
  8. Aritra17

    power consumed in an adc circuit using tanner tools

    when i create a 2bit flash adc using schematics in tanner tools its power comes as 70mw but when i create the same circuit using sub circuit in tanner tools netlist the power comes as 77mw why does the power increases using sub circuit??? any suggestions???
  9. Aritra17

    Need help with Comparator problem

    opamp can be used as a comparator as per circuit diagram i can't say about this particular ic but a comparator can definitely be used as a differential amplifier
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  12. Aritra17

    output pattern of 3 bit flash adc

    i have created a 3 bit flash adc in tanner eda software but so far from all the information i have got from net there's a contrast in the wave pattern i have managed to create both of the type but i don't know which one is correct and why i am giving both the waveform diagrams please check and...
  13. Aritra17

    [SOLVED] Model File for RF modelling in Tanner eda

    you are using tanner eda full version or demo version? if you are using demo version then you can only use 16 transistors not more than that

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