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Recent content by anitharajmitts

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    Signal & Image Compression

    I tried high passing image signal in spatial domain and also in FFT domain but Iam not able to reconstruct the signal.In spatial domain the filtered signal is resulting in significant number of zeros but when I take FFT & IFFT Iam not able to reconstruct the signal.in frequency domain Iam...
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    Signal & Image compression

    Presently Iam working on 2D FFT.I have read in few papers that most of the fft energy is stored in lower order coefficients hence planned to low pass the FFT signal.Iam not getting good no. of zerosin filtered o/ps. Again in few papers it has been said that eyes are not sensitive to high...
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    Signal & Image Processing for compression

    I am on FFT & now at the finishing stage my guide will not accept for changing it to DCT.I want to know how to compress FFT Signal ie., compression in frequency domain
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    Signal & Image Processing for compression

    %%%%%%To find the FFT and IFFT of a color Image %%To read the file from host system close all; clear all; clc; I1=imread('Sunflower.bmp'); I2=rgb2gray(I1) [m,n]=size(I2); % To obtain the DFT of the image Id=blkproc(I2,[8,8],'dft'); % plot(abs(dft,freq)) D=Id; % % To filter zeros from matrix...
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    Signal & Image Processing for compression

    Sir, the paper title is "Novel Algorithm for 2D FFT & its Inverse for Image Compression" Author Anitha T G & Dr.Ramachandran
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    Signal & Image Processing for compression

    Sir, Iam a research Scholar and designed a novel algorithm for FFT. Its working fine and published as IEEE paper.The algorithm works as 1.Read an image block by block(8*8) using blockproc in matlab. 2. I/p it FFT function and find FFT of Image. 3.Threshold the FFT signal for some value...
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    Signal & Image Processing for compression

    Signal Processing & Image Processing I have designed a new FFT algorithm and want to Quantize an FFT signal.The input is an color Image.With the Quantization matrix available on net I tried but Iam getting very less compression say CR=3-4.So please let me know how to quantize and Compress an...

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