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    motor for continouous motion

    Stepper is ideal for withstand continuous motion. U also can try Servo Motor.
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    inexpensive IO developer for PLC

    plc omron hostlink U can use Modbus RTU for Omron PLC, and 3rd party remote IO (some brand very cheap). It is standard and cheap, I think your boss like It.
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    Controlling harware using computer

    I suggest U to PC Based Controller. Some PC Based Controller very strong in NC and robot, motion control like GE Fanuc. Used It, u can programming in IEC 61131 Language: LAD(for Electricant), FDB (Electronicant), IL, ST (IT), SFC. It is easy way to do Ind. Robots.
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    power factor improver PLC is controller,U can not use only PLC to do that. U can use PLC to control Capacitors Bank like above. U also can use PLC to control another power equipment to improve PF.
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    SCADA+PLC help for Final Year Project

    plc final project U can use WinCC SCADA (Siemens SCADA), connect to PLC by MPI protocol (for cost effect) or Ethernet (for High performance). On SCADA U can build the Screens, where U can use SCADA Objects (like Buttons, Metters.., Motor..) and annimate your real Generator, U collect Data...
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    PID method control on Heater using microcontroller

    pid microcontroller No need 100%. U can set 10% of Full scale to heater, study the respond, then correct the PID Par. Then give 10% again, If OK, give 20%..Do the same to 50% if system is linear or up to 100% if non-linear (Depending on what kind of Heater)
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    PLC trainging software for Beginners

    plc beginners Hi Ahmed, Do u know, How I can get the Mitsubishi Direct Serial I/F Protocol Description (Protocol for GX Developer or SCADA connection to FX), or where to buy the Book? Thanks.
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    Some help with PPI protocol?

    ppi/pc protocol Hi Abondy, I have the same interest of PPI description. I get some COM Port records, when PLC and Microwin connected. I also know the basic of frame as u but I can't go far to determine of other frame and data inside. Do you still study it? Do you have any news? Can you share...

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