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    multiple antennas in HFSS

    actually i managed to solve the problem at last. i did not use antenna array setup as the antennas were not exactly an array. when the tabs HFSS->fields->edit sources" are clicked, the source editing window appears. HFSS automatically set the scaling factor of the second source to 0, that was...
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    multiple antennas in HFSS

    i am trying to simulate a structure with multiple antennas. however when i plot the 3D radiation pattern, only the pattern due to one of the antennas can be seen. can anyone help me with how to simulate and plot 3D radiation pattern of multiple antennas please? thanks
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    HFSS - symmetry plane problem

    hfss symmetrie actually, i have tried using both in some structures and learned how to use it, but still thanks a lot for your answer ;)
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    HFSS - symmetry plane problem

    hfss symmetry planes hello, i am trying to simulate a structure that is symmetric around xz-plane. is there a symmetry plane definition in HFSS that i can use to decrease the computation space and time?

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