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Recent content by amendes

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    The difference between the hspice in cadence and in synopsys

    Re: hspice in cadence Hie, The great difference between spectre and hspice in cedence is spectre is already on the system and the configuration of the simulator in the cadence environment is very easy also specter is a simulator almos used in RF aplications. For other side hspice is a...
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    what's wrong with the virturso@schematic

    Hie, This usually happen when you don't have license. Meanwhile they can happen also if you are trying open a cell that are already in use by some one else. amendes
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    The difference between ultrasim and nonosim

    Re: ultrasim and nonosim. Hie, As bastos saib both simulators referred before i.e. hsim, nanosim and ultrasim are top level simulators ususly used for circuits with more than 10000 elements this to take a real advantage of is usage. The big difference between them is: Hsim ---> The most...
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    Can Cadence install on Asianux???

    Hie, The cadence tools for now are only supported by cadence to the operatiing Systems REL 3.0 and in a near future also for REL4.0 meanwhile I had try also CentOS 4.0 and also works perfect. If possible please try the CentOS 4.0 that is a clone of REL4.0, is free and other vendor tools such...
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    please recommand some cad tools on drawing schematic

    Hello, There are several options available: free --> Geda tools If you are in the university or ork in a company that can buy some of the comercila tools the best option is Composer schemaic from cadence where the most updated version is available in tha package IC5141 USR3
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    problem using wget in linux terminal, please help

    Hie, Before use wget you should first access to the ftp server where the files that you pretend download the you can use the wget command to fetch the files. 1) ftp (adress) 2) wget (file name) Hope this helps
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    is cadence ic 5141 usr2 the latest release?

    Hello the most update/patch from IC5141 is ISR200602222305, (
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    which spice simulator is better?

    Hello, Is a dificult question menawhile here he goes some sugestions: For small/medium blocks that require high precision the best one in my opinion is eldo from mentor followed by Spectre from cadence and the for hspice from Synopsys. If you want simulate large designers (toplevel circuits)...
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    what is the highest level of spice model ?

    Hello in this moment even for n90 nanometers for hapice models you can find the levels 49 and 53 even the most used is level 49
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    Hspice and Cadence Spectra

    spectra cardiospin cadence Hie The last version of Spectre that is included in the IC 4.1.41 package have almost 100% compatibility with hspice netlists for other side you can use the cadence virtuoso schematic editor to create the schematic and generate the netlists and then use hspice to...
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    Diaplay problem of IC50 under RH7.2

    Hie walker Cadence icfb ony works if your Display is configured for 8 or 24bits please check in your Linux operating system the Display settings are configured for those options. See an example in the picture in attach Hope this helps
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    does anyone used synopsys dc 2005.09?

    Hie, The dc 2005.09 have a major set of bugs/problems corrected comparing with the version 2003.12 I can send you the release notes document showing this corrected errors and the requirements in tems of memory and platform to use.
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    price for the cad tools

    Hie mosfet_man, The price dependes of several factors the number of licenses to buy and the purpose of is usage. For example a hspice license for university use usually have the price netween 2000 and 3000$ for other side if is to use in a private company can cost 10000$ including the...
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    where can download the cosmosscope manual?

    Hello holddreams You can find the CosmosScope Manual in attach. I hop this helps. regards amendez

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