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Recent content by alpibucky

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    Logpoint R2200VA or Danotherm 8341

    Hello, Does anybody have the schematics of this Reflow Soldering. I cannot get more than 70°C air flow from the pipe. Thyristors TIC126E are good, FRP1610 semiconductors as well. Voltage regulator LM340T12, Zener Z1 and ER1 diode bridge too. All other semiconductors resistors are good. Anyone...
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    Goerz 244376 Volt & Ammeter

    Thx for your answer. When the wires are shorted, i get a 2/3 scale or so reading, whatever the position of the voltage switch. Same reading when wires are open. With kind regard alpibucky
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    Goerz 244376 Volt & Ammeter

    Hello, I need the schematics of this old VA-meter. The DC readings are good but the AC ones are totally wrong. With kind regards, alpibucky
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    Welder ESAB LKB 220 - schematics of LKC12

    Hello, I'm searching the schematics of the pcb from an LKB220 welder unit. The name of this PCB is LKC12. This PCB is also used in Migmag 160 and 240. The service manual of the welder unit gives only parts of the schematics. Mine welder will not start (contactor vibrating!) I suspect a issue in...
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    AV Car audio 7-inch TFT Color Screen video HR070-01 schematics

    Hello, I have a secondhand TFT Color Screen video with a 8-pins mini subconnector without any documentation and remote. I can find the characteristics of it but nothing else. It is also known as CUB-HR-070 or AV-070 and can be used with a DVD AV9750. The PCB inside is marked Smart View SVL-R1.4...
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    nec multisync LCD1760nx (L172EN)

    Hello, Does anyone have the schematics of the LCD monitor ? With kind regards Alpibucky
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    Calibration Procedure for Scope BEM-016

    Hi, I'm searching for the calibration procedure for this M.B.L.E (or SRE - Scuola Radio Elettrascope) (about 1970's). I think this procedure was a part of the kit documentation. I've the schematics. With kind regards, Alpibucky
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    Old greiner electronics quartz timer II

    Hi, I didn't receive anything. With kind regards Alpibucky
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    Welding unitl DALEX GI 130 with PCB WIG 18 RK

    Re: Welding unit DALEX GI 130 with PCB WIG 18 RK Hello, The one I have got was out of service : no voltage at the output. After check I found that a resistor (10 ohm 17 W) on the PCB was out. I replace it and now the voltage is 48 V. I still need the user and service manual. With kind regards...
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    Welding unitl DALEX GI 130 with PCB WIG 18 RK

    Welding unit DALEX GI 130 with PCB WIG 18 RK Hello, I'm searching for the service manual and.or the schematic of this old welding unit. With kind regards Alpibucky
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    Old greiner electronics quartz timer II

    No problem at all with French language Kind regards,
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    Old greiner electronics quartz timer II

    Hello, I need the user manual and the service manual of this bench instrument builded in 1977. With kind regards
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    autoranging multimeter micronta 22-193

    Hello, My old micronta 22-193 is faulty. The LCD gives BATT while the batteries are good. The readings on DC are faulty : 0,6 V instead of 1,5 V. The main IC is a SXC 1901F of which I do not have got the datasheet. Does anybody have this datasheet or have the same trouble with this autorange...
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    multimeter chauvin arnoux mica GP2

    Hello, I have this old meter (about 1985) Does anybody have the schematics and the user manual With kind regards Alpibucky :?:
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    packard bell iGO 2410

    The power connector of this laptop from Packard Bell is shorted. Due to a faulty power supply the user has replaced it by another one but he has permuted the Pos and the Neg. After a google search i have found nothing about the schematics of the power pcb. Does anybody have the schematics of...

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