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    visual basic for microcontroller 8051

    hi A question about microcontroller 8051 and configuration serial I want cannect my pc by serial port in visual basic to 8051 but i don't sure it my hapen please help me can i use mscomm in visual basic for transmit data to 8051 thanks bye. E-mail alireza2003ibm@yahoo.com
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    Visual Basic And the 8051

    8051 with visual basic hi my dear i want have send and recive with 8051 in visual basic by serial port but i not sure it doing please tell me can i have communication with 8051 in visual basic alireza2003ibm@yahoo.com
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    How to connect 8051 with serial port to PC in Visual Basic?

    8051 & visual basic hi i want use vb and 8051 by serial port but i not sure it doing please tell me can i cannect 8051 by serial to pc in visual alireza2003ibm@yahoo.com

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