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    How to drive stepper motor using AVR

    avr steppermotor Hello. I asked a question about 8051 microcontroller and I got the answer . This question is fairly similiar to previous one . How can I drive a stepper motor using AVR? I want to connect a PS/2 Keyboard to AVR and when one of the arrow keys is pressed , the stepper motor...
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    problem in driving servo motor from microcontroller port pin

    Re: problem in driving servo motor from microcontroller port Hello . Would you please explain me How you drive a servo motor by 8051 microcontroller?
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    Two Books on Microcontrollers

    Hello . Thanks But service is unavailable.
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    How to control servo motor using 8051?

    Servo Motor Controlling Hello . How can I controll/move/rotate/drive a servomotor using a 8051 microcontroller . Thanks in advance.
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    8051 Microcontroller Simulator

    Thanks . Where Can I Get these products from?
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    8051 Microcontroller Simulator

    microcontroller simulator Hello . I need a simulator for 8051 microcontroller . Thanks in advance.
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    About 8051 Microcontroller

    Would you please give me a schematic material for this subject? Or a step-by-step instruction to perform the mentioned operation? Thanks in advance .
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    Looking for step-by-step guide for designing elevators

    Elevator Hello. I need a step-by-step guide for designing an elevator. (It is prefered to include photoss too). Thanks in advance.
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    Stepper Motor Positioning System

    Hello . Do you have any designed stepper motor pisitioning system by 8051 Microcontroller?(Especially Schematic) I want a simple system for moving stepper motor to Right/Left/Up/Down Directions?
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    About 8051 Microcontroller

    Do you have any schematic material for this subject? And how about the second step?How can I move the stepper motor to the specified position after one of the arrow keys is pressed?
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    About 8051 Microcontroller

    I prefer to work with PS/2 Keyboard.
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    About 8051 Microcontroller

    Hello . I have a question . I want to send a pulse to a 8051 microcontroller when one of the keyboard arrow keys is pressed and after that the microcontroller moves the stepper motor(or servomotor) to the specified direction . How can I do it? I'll do appreciate you if you give me Assembly/C...

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