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Recent content by alibarghi

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    Zoom command using curl

    How to send the zoom command to the network camera using the CURL? My camera supports ONVIF capability. I can zoom in, go to preset with ONVIF Device Manager software. Please advise me how to do this using CURL.
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    How to add variable dc offset to ac signal

    I want to generate an ac signal 300Vp-p Which is added with a dc voltage (0-20 V) With a maximum current of 4 amps. Nobody has an idea for the circuit.
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    [SOLVED] audio Bluetooth module connect to Bluetooth headset

    This IC cannot work on Master. This IC can only be used in client mode.
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    [SOLVED] audio Bluetooth module connect to Bluetooth headset

    I'm looking for two Bluetooth audio modules that can be connected. all Bluetooth audio modules can be connected to a computer or mobile phone, but I need a module to connect to a Bluetooth headset without using a computer or mobile phone. Can anyone suggest me a module?
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    How to estimate the actual distance of the object in image?

    The camera is 3 meters away from the playground. How do I get the actual distance between the balls?
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    Problem with multi IP camera in emgu cv?!

    I use emgu in visual Studio 2013. The image of one of the cameras is cut off after a few seconds. What is the problem?
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    Rotating sensor from inside

    What sensor can count the number of rounds from a rotating object from inside? The speed of the rotating body is about 20,000 rpm
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    What is this sensor? (Can detect the clap sound)

    Thank you very much This is water proof ultrasonic sensor
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    What is this sensor? (Can detect the clap sound)

    Thank you for your attention This is not a electered microphone because it needs to be biased،but my circuit does not have any powers and is like a piezo drive
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    What is this sensor? (Can detect the clap sound)

    This sensor can detect a shocking sound such as clapping by a amplifier. This is a photo of this sensor What is this sensor?
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    DC motor 6500 rpm 2kw

    I need a DC motor that work only 15 sec per time and this specification is : 24 V DC 2.5 hp Maximum dimension: 240 mm (length), 85 mm (diameter)
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    How to to use IMU in Video processing (Optical Tracking)?

    Hi how to to use IMU(Gyroscope,accelerometer ,Magnetometer ) in Optical Tracking? The IMU is placed on the camera and object to be tracked is on the front of the camera.

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