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    Looking for books on integrating active and passive VHF

    Re: book(s) on MMIC? mmic design GaAs fets and hemts
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    Analog design interview questions

    analog layout interview questions UNDRESTANDIN A/D AND COMPARATOR
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    gain of dynamic latch comparator

    I think the m1 and m1 must be in saturate region.then comparator works correctly
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    which process do you use now?

    SiGe BiCMOS technology
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    60GHz Radios in SiGe BiCMOS and CMOS

    you can design with rf CMOS in this frequency for example rf CMOS 0.18um
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    What are the applications of CMOS and BiCMOS devices?

    Re: Why CMOS Hi.CMOS is low power but cut-off frequency is low but bipolar has high cut-off frequency about 45GHz and it is usefull for microwave applications
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    A 500MS/s 5b ADC in 65nm CMOS

    Re: need ieee paper hi mohandes79.I have it.I attached
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    Design of Ultra High-Speed CMOS CML buffers and Latches

    Design of Ultra High-Speed CMOS CML buffers and Latches by Payam Heydari, Ravi Mohavavelu
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    help on installing *.zap package

    u should copy Zap file in users\default folder in ADS.and u should chang it to Zip file by changing Zap to Zip.then it works
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    ADS AND receiver design [hlp]

    u can use very important helps in agilent site.it has a online demo of any analysis.
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    ADS student version or evaluation version

    ads student ADS doesn`t have any demo version or student version.I have ADS2003A and my license work correctly.

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