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Recent content by akhilpaulv

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    Fd2d solver.

    Anybody have copy of fd2d static solver? It is freeware but the it's not available anywhere. If anybody have the software please share it
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    [SOLVED] Limiter diode should be ground or 50 ohm?

    if you connect to 50 Ohm then half of your power will go to load and half will dissipate
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    Working of the circuit at 95 MHz

    Hi , somebody please explain to me the working of the below circuit. It is placed in IF section of 95 MHz. -Akhil
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    Will band pass filters provide stability for the circuit ?

    Hi If i add band pass filters both input and output of the amplifier. Will the amplifier is stable for entire region except the pass band ?? . Adding BPF will reduce S12 and S21 in out band , will this lead to reduce the stability problem and provide more gain?? -Akhil
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    BGT24ltr11 compensation structure is matching at 100 ohm and not 50 ohm?

    the portion 2 have some reactance so you cannot use real value component. If you have the PCB then find out the impedance at the pin by placing one pi at chip and one at SMA connector
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    Optional antenna placement

    place ufl connector on the trace which will reduce the extra stub. there is one Microwave Coaxial Connectors with Switch available with ufl size . The internally built-in mechanical switch separates the RF circuit and ANT circuit, so that the circuit can be measured without any mutual effect...
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    DC blocking caps selection for a Filter(Band pass)

    you can use around 200 pf capacitor, which provide around 0.8 Ohm impedance at 880 Mhz . in pratical there will be some parasitic resistance and inductance will comes across the component so you can use around 60-100 pf capacitor. if you have network analyzer you can plot the impedance on the...
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    RF SMD attenuator makes RF path and Ground short.

    what is the value of the attunator ?
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    power amplifier design input impedance

    If i want to change the VDS value to 32 voltage and maintain the 50 mA Ids then optimum load data given the datasheet will change ?
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    FDTD analysis of patch antenna using CST

    https://perso.telecom-paristech.fr/begaud/intra/MWS_Tutorials.pdf try the above link
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    power amplifier design input impedance

    now i matched the transistor and added one 6 Ohm resistor in series with the input. Now the transistor is conditionally stable. I matched the transistor for maximum power so is it necessary to get S22 less than -10 dB ?
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    power amplifier design input impedance

    i wrongly entered the impedance value in the simulator. Now i matched both in put and output, still the amplifier is not stable in that region. Can you help me to stabilize the transistor?
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    power amplifier design input impedance

    as per your comment i did the simulation. Still the stability parameter is not greater than one in 900 MHz. The input reflection coefficient is not less than -10 dB. Can you please tell me where i am wrong ?
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    power amplifier design input impedance

    i put it for conjugate matching.

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