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Recent content by ahmet2004

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    new Lpc1768 basic mainboard

    Lpc1768 basic mainboard link: **broken link removed** LPC1768 ARM CORTEX M3
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    PIC18F4550 and ds1307 code for displaying sec on LCD

    hi!!! The only changes i made are as below #define RTC_SDA PIN_B0 #define RTC_SCL PIN_B1 and this is codes #include <18F4550.h> #fuses HSPLL,USBDIV,PLL5,CPUDIV1,VREGEN,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=48000000) //,RESTART_WDT #include <ds1307.c> #include <lcd.c> #define...
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    Work! My PIC18F4550 get to loss the program (firmware),normally is working OK. **broken link removed** Added after 8 minutes: ***Work*** Mplab v7.61 Potyo2 **broken link removed**
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    Problem with read back with 16-bit ADC adc78xx

    I have read back problem with ADC7825 which is 16-bit ADC, bipolar 10V. After interfacing with this chip, the read back values are as follow: For -12V to 0 -> the read back value = 0 to 65536 For 0V to +12V -> the read back value = 0 to 65536 The problem is how to identify the polarity of...
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    Problem with using the timer 0 with the 16bit mode on Pic18LF2523

    I want to use the timer 0 with the 16 bit mode on my 18lf2523 my code's : setup_timer_0(RTCC_INTERNAL|RTCC_DIV_16|RTCC_16_BIT); the RTCC_16_BIT is not valid why?
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    Pic16f877a i2c software

    pic16f877a i2c Pic16f877a i2c #Master# #Slave# Projes: https://rapidshare.com/files/38133931/2007-73.zip.html
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    glcd help PIC18LF4520

    I am using the LCD Graphics module F-51373GNC-FW-AH from OPTREX and the PIC18LF4520 Someone can help me with the inicialization and start of visualization of the gLcd. Thanks,
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    How to convert rc5 code to ASCII

    Has anybody an idea how to convert rc5 code to ASCII many thanks in advance?
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    messed up with fuse bits of atmega32l !

    parellel programming using... programmer make. Pdf sf:265
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    Measuring tach signal in pic 18f672x

    I need to measure a tach signal. I have it wired to C2, which is a ECCP input. I think I should be able to use that to get counts but I'm not sure how to do that. I get the impression that I need to set up the ECCP to count mode, reset the timer, come back after a known period of time, and...
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    how to interface grapical lcd(128*64) with pic

    Glcd 128x64 **broken link removed** **broken link removed** **broken link removed** :D
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    pic18f8720 spi problem?

    setup_spi(SPI_SLAVE|SPI_L_TO_H|SPI_CLK_DIV_4); while(1) { while( !spi_data_is_in() ) { } Var1 = spi_read(); printf("Received : %d\n\r", Var1); } And Iam sending SPI data from another microcontroller. Data is 0,1,2,3,..100 with 500ms intervals. Iam using PIC18F8720 and CCS C V4.010...
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    A high performance cmos power amplifier

    1200 watt this project ? thanks

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