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    Suggest me a solution for High Voltage Amplifier

    Re: High Voltage Amplifier As a matter of fact i need to amplifie not a peridic wave, but pulses and special waveforms, like trapezoid where is the rise time >0.5ms, so the transformer out of scope.
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    Suggest me a solution for High Voltage Amplifier

    High Voltage Amplifier Does anybody can recommend me a solution for high voltage amplifier? Vpp=3000V, Imax=1mA, fmax=2kHz.
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    Pros and cons of NRF401 RF IC

    If anybody have used this RF IC from NORDIC VLSI please write me the pros and cons.
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    Various TCP/IP stack source code in Assembly for PIC

    Does anybody can recommend me TCP/IP handle source code for PIC18F or PIC16F ? I need source code in assembly not in C.

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