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    Datasheet of Murata V14470 Transient supressor

    I am not getting the datasheet of MURATA make (MOV) transient supressor. the part no.is ZNRV14470.Does anyone know where I can get the datasheet?please provide the site address or link.
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    Identification of any electronic component from its marking code

    I have got some TVS Diodes,but I dont have any other information about it except the marking on it.Please guide how to find its datasheet.Is there any site or technique available to find the same?????????
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    Windings in W5 in VOGT W5 Transformer

    The windings in W5 of VOGT W5 transformer is customized or fix?
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    Altium Footprint Library

    Where i can get Altium footprint library for 5mm pitch,2 pin connector (Male/Female)?
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    Silicone coating removal

    sorry,John i am asking about Sillicone conformal coating on PCBs.Do you know any techniques to remove it???
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    Silicone coating removal

    Please suggest, different methods to remove Silicone coating.And is there any solution to remove the same? Kindly suggest any links having videos that shows the procedure to remove the same.

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