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Recent content by abhijithvp

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    damping ratio of systems with poles at origin in control theory

    hi all.. i've a doubt regarding damping ratio of systems with poles at origin. Like one 2nd order eqn. as below 1/(s^2+2s) This eqn seems to have zero natural frequency I'm confused abt its damping ration.. Pls help abhijith
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    relay ticking noise from ups

    sry, i'm not having a camera as of now.. u meant photo of inner circuitry? is it enuf if i specified its model no. n all??
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    relay ticking noise from ups

    ya..its charging. by the way, i'm not experiencing the problem everytime. mostly noise starts abt 15 minutes after switching on. ---------- Post added at 23:08 ---------- Previous post was at 23:04 ---------- sorry, i couldn't make out wot u meant.. i think noise comes at the supply...
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    relay ticking noise from ups

    hi all, as soon as i switch on my ups some ticking noise is coming from it. even before i connect the load. bt, it works well on battery, when supply is disconnected.i disconnected all other loads in my home and still the problem persists... somebody help me.
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    Urgent! analysis of simply circuit diagram

    hi, 1st, i'm not a PE pro 2nd, i can't see your attachment.. though i can say these energy harvesting ckts require large enough 1mF capacitors.. don't know whats the need of connecting zener in series.. series with wot?
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    Super 'All Purpose' SMPS Suggestions (12-415V input)

    hi aron, i too agree with tahmid.. this i/p voltage range s indeed frightening..and i'd say your size concern is also doubtful. with converter inductor, obvious transformer switches and their heat sinks..if you 're using micro that can also be a concern. then i suggest to do the pcb design from...
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    Neon bulb application...Ist it possible.....?

    oh..got the point. but, if 'body connected to neutral is the situation', then isn't it enuf to check continuity? or..i think it'd be bettr use the fact that neutral always has some potential greater than earth. design a simple ZCD or high gain amplifier and in its output, connect a bulb. if...
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    Neon bulb application...Ist it possible.....?

    by the way, is there any practical application for this circuit, if made possible?

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