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Recent content by abhaybonds

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    Circuit for Edge Detection of a digital signal

    Hi, Thanks for giving circuits. But I was looking for a circuit without any external clock. Anyways I figured it out. The idea lies in creating a short pulse from the inputs when they change levels and use these pulses to trigger a SR latch. Thanks a lot for the help. Thank You Abhay
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    Circuit for Edge Detection of a digital signal

    Hi, I wanted the circuit. I dont have any HDL software to convert it into circuit. Any other ideas? Anyways thanks for the reply. Thank you
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    Circuit for Edge Detection of a digital signal

    Hi, I want to design a self timed circuit in which two inputs affect the output. When input1 goes from 0 to 1, the output becomes 1 and when input 2 goes from 1 to 0, the output becomes 0. There is no change in the output for other transitions of the inputs. It looks easy but I am not able to...
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    Ultrasonic receiver and transmitter

    @audioguru thanks for your reply. @Fvm could you please explain what you meant by determining sensitivity emperically. Also could somebody help me in my doubt about increasing the range of the sensors. Does it depend only upon the sensors used or also on the circuit. Please somebody explain and...
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    Ultrasonic receiver and transmitter

    thanks for the help. About the polarity of the sensors. If the polarity doesn't matter is there any reason that the two poles have been marked distinctly. Also many people pointed out about the gain resistors for 741. Could anybody please tell me what would be better set of resistors. @ audio...
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    Ultrasonic receiver and transmitter

    I tried making a ultrasonic transmitter and receiver using the information given in the following link https://www.leang.com/robotics/info/articles/minison/minison.html I made the transmitter and reciever circuits. Both the circuits individually work fine i.e. the frequency of both the...
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    Communication between robots using microwave frequency

    I wanted to ask if microwave frequencies(not RF) be used for communication between two autonomous robots over a range of few metres which are using Atmel micro-processors. Are there any ready-made modules for this purpose? Can u suggest any tutorials for the same.

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