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Recent content by abdulwahababid

  1. abdulwahababid

    MObile Jammer Working for GSM 800 and GSM 1900

    ringing of mobile fone creates disturbance in holy places.i want to design low cost jammer for praying areas of my towm. please suggest relevant data not any type of proverbs or suggestions. thanx
  2. abdulwahababid

    Need Posthetic Hand circuit diagram

    need circuit diagram and data of prosthetic hand with one degree of freedom(grip movement only) using micro controller. please share all data. thanks in advance
  3. abdulwahababid

    MObile Jammer Working for GSM 800 and GSM 1900

    Kindly share working circuit diagrams for mobile jammer to use in Pakistan, GSM900,GSM1800.
  4. abdulwahababid

    solar pannel system help

    Hello Everyone, I'm going to build up a setup of solar panel system at my home to reduce the units consumption. I want to divide part of my house load on solar panel permanently (req 50 and 220v supply in my area) 2KVA modified sine wave inverter 12 to 220v ac 120AH 12v dry battery solar...
  5. abdulwahababid

    full charging indicator circuit

    something like this :)
  6. abdulwahababid

    full charging indicator circuit

    I want to make a full charging indicator circuit for battery of 12v, 40A-50A. Plz share some sort of efficient and small circuit..
  7. abdulwahababid

    tlp250 mosfet driver

    please some body share the library file of TLP 250....
  8. abdulwahababid

    tlp250 mosfet driver

    Plz tell me the TLP250 equivalent IC in proteus or share the library file of it....
  9. abdulwahababid

    making a word file from a text

    checkout this link hope it will give you complete guidance.... ;-) Demo https://chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/2509/how-do-i-type-a-simple-chemical-equation-in-microsoft-word
  10. abdulwahababid

    Three Phase Current Calculation

    Vline = ((3)^1/2)*Vphase Iline = Iphase =10amps each phase draws the same current according to the above relation. You have to use circuit breaker of rating 10amps.
  11. abdulwahababid

    Loading effect problem in a circuit

    I think your load resistance should be changed(deccreased) in order to draw more current from the supply.
  12. abdulwahababid

    Potential Difference between Charger and Battery

    thank you bill6656 & tpetar... now i m not confuse... ;)
  13. abdulwahababid

    PC 12V fan and neagtive voltage

    I think loop is not completed via ground in case of DC current. In Transmission systems the return path is the neutral i (for AC) and the -ve terminal (for DC).we cannot say it as ground technically. Current will always flow from the higher potential difference to the lower potential...
  14. abdulwahababid

    Potential Difference between Charger and Battery

    Yes I explained my question added further lines not change the question. There is no "universal equation" that will answer your question, as it varies with battery chemistry (LedAcid, NiCd, NiMH, LiIo, LiPo, ...) i just want to know equation nothing else if it exist.As u said it is not. its...
  15. abdulwahababid

    Potential Difference between Charger and Battery

    I'd not change my question but only explained further

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