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    Validation of simulation with fabricated results by testing with Agilent's VNA

    I have completed design of my LNA at 2.1 and 4.6GHz. Thanks to edaboard members for your help. Now I am checking port parameter(s11, s21, s22) with help of Agilent's VNA. But i am not getting notches at desired frequencies. s11 is better at 1.6GHz and s22 is better at 1.2 and 1.6GHz. I have...
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    Microstrip antenna design for GSM band

    Hi to everyone. This is my first post on this group. Can anyone clear the following doubts. I am designing MSA for GSM 900/1800. I want to know, how we can calculate feed line dimesion. .... And simulation result shows negative gain, what it indicates? How to increase surface current on...
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    Design of bias circuit for LNA.

    thank you bigboss , i have got results by designing matching network using distributive element and without any bias circuit..... ..... can u tell me, how a matching network is designed to terminate the harmonics specially 3rd for LNA? Thanks and Regardd
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    Design of bias circuit for LNA.

    Actually i have used s2p file for 2V and 5mA. As u suggest, without matching network i got the results with 2.9dB gain. And the gain provided at 50ohm termination is above 12dB. ... I want to know What is problem when matching network is attached? & Thank u.
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    Design of bias circuit for LNA.

    I have designed LNA at 2.4GHz with Input and Output matching networks. I am not getting proper gain, vswr and NF ALSO due to some silly mistakes. Point out the mistakes... Thanks and Regards
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    Design of bias circuit for LNA.

    I am designing LNA at 2.4GHz using ATF541432a. I have designed matching circuitary on input and output side. Now i am left with Bias Circuit design. How can i calculate values of L(for RF block) and C(to block DC)? And if i do voltage divider circuitary then will it affect noise performance of...
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    Design of low noise amplifier.

    i am designing a lna using Avago's transistors using Microwave office AWR. Doing a simulation using s2p file. i hav 4 file with different Id and Vd values and using one of them at Vd=3v and Id=40mA. but not getting proper I-V curve. ........Please anybody help me out that..

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