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    Booting from External Hard Disk

    Hello, Can anyone tell if it is possible to boot from an external USB hard disk and if it is possible how i should go about it. Thanks 001
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    How to run a .pl format program ?

    Re: Problem with Perl search for cpan sites using google or active state perl site
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    How do i install perl modules on windows xp

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how (steps) to install perl modules on windows. 001
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    Access serial port using perl

    Search the CPAN site for perl module for serial port acess.
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    Accessing PCI Card Parallell port using Perl

    Hello; Please could anyone tell how i can access the parallel port of a PCI card using perl. i have the perl parallel port module. But i think it is for only on board parallel port . the address of my pci card parallel port is DDC0 and thus the module cannot access it. thanks 001
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    Detecting Parallel Port hardware in Linux

    Thanks for that information. But how do i take control of the parallel port. I am actually trying to send bits to the parallel port. I noticed the leds i connected to the port actually light in an irregular pattern probably in response to some internal instruction on the kernel. 001
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    Detecting Parallel Port hardware in Linux

    Hello I am new to using Redhat linux,(9.1). I was working on a project on accessing the parallel port, to light LEDS, I noticed that the parallel port and serial ports where not seen by the Hardware Browser. When i disabled the parallel port for my CMOS(BIOS) the leds still went on in linux...
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    Hello, I ac currently having problems with my parallel port. I wrote a program to access the parallel port first using c++ then in perl. With these program, i was able to read and send data to the parallel port(data register) and also to read from them. what surprised me was that the leds which...
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    how to install programs in linux

    thanks I am new to linux, should i type the 'make' in the terminal or is the somewhere else where i should type. I tried terminal while trying to instal a module in perl and it did not work. 001
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    how to access parallel port in c++

    Hello, You can access the io ports if you run the program with root privilidges. I actually used 'root' to login thats whats even making me more confused. I dont know if there is something like a parallel port driver i have to install before it works. I experienced a similar thing once on...
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    how to install programs in linux

    I use KDE.
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    parallel port control in perl

    thanks, it is not comprehensive enough.i dont just want to use a module i want to write one that can access the port. 001
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    how to install programs in linux

    hello, i am using redhat 9.1. i am actually new to it. but i do not know how to install programs on it or even access diskettes. please can someone help. 001
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    how to access parallel port in c++

    +linux direct access parallel port as user Hello can someone tell me how to access the parallel port in c++ using linux operating system. I had some codes I used , it sent and was able to read data at the data register. but unfortunately when i connected some leds to the parallel port, i...
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    parallel port control in perl

    Hello, I am newbie in perl. I am currently working on a project to access the parallel port of a pc in perl on a linux operating system. I really do not know where to start. Could anyone help me with useful links, books, resources..etc that could be of help in accessing the parallel port using...

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