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June 30, 1952 (67)
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Analog Circuit Design, Microcontrollers, Power Electronics
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Life can be application of Ohm's Law and Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle.

Got 10 yrs experience in my 1st 5 yrs in R&D after education. then switched jobs and got 40 yrs experience in the next 20 yrs. (long hours and hard work) and after working for 6 different companies I decided to retire @ 55 so it was very satisfying, but I never got wealthy after 30 yrs

If you need a part-time consultant, just ask me. Experience is worth every penny.

Started life as EE grad in 1975 designing VLF doppler nav receiver for unmanned floating Automated Weather Station (world 1st) then Aerospace Doppler tracking receiver with ultra stable VCXO in both ground station and airborne rocketsource, then nuclear instrumentati built to survide 100g drop, 50 g spin and 10g acceleration, with 15g vibration -50C~+70'C. Designed Nuclear robotic scanning sub-system for eddy current probes in 2ndary heat exchanger tubes , went on to production and OEM HDD disk drive testing, Test Engineer Mgr, Design T1 tewst equipment for another world 1st SCADA ISDN BroadBand WAN T1 to 100 home trial in 1982, also was Network debug mgr., component testing for magnetic heads, Xtals to design 1 ppm TCXO out of a 50ppm Xtal for under 1$, Designed NTSC & VGA Video head mounted display using Kopin AMLCD chip, Designed power over ethernet distribution box contract design for AVAYA (nee Lucent in Denver), contract mfg Eng Mgr, Design Services Mgr. for EMS companies and created virtual Eng Organization for design.

just a few highlites......

Lots of fun, then got out working for someone else after 30 yrs and retired.;)

If you see me with a beard., that was me on holidays in Cuba on CAYO CAYO Island
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Helping others, golf, cooking , gardening woodwork, & puters, house renovation, LED luminaire design
Retired, aka unemployed


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DIY LED Luminaires

by SunnySkyguy on 16th December 2014 at 08:58
With power LED's mounted boards with adequate copper surface or aluminum surface area (~1 cool emission of light can be adapted to almost any fixture with mindful avoidance of glare.

I put these together one day for Winter Seasonal exterior lighting using surplus boards cut down to a 4S string and soldered with AWG 30 and soldered to a stringer of six (6) lamps using AWG 18 speaker wire with a length of 7 meters.

I had a surplus 12V SMPS 2.5A brick and it

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ON Semi Design Notes for LED drivers, SMPS , photo sensors and Triac Dimmers

by SunnySkyguy on 5th December 2014 at 14:51
AND = Application Note Document (On Semi)
DN = Design Note (On Semi) .pdf format

These are all State of The ART LED's SMPS designs that may have started as University Grad Student/ Prof level designs, perfected by OnSemi and finally made their way into new chips with intelligent design, low cost, and high performance.

Some are old 2010 and some are HOT off the press Design Notes.
I have specially shared 25 APP Notes from ON, not directly listed

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What's all this stuff about ISI and RLL? Anyhow?

by SunnySkyguy on 29th October 2014 at 12:10
Coding Spacing is commonly generally defined by the range between data transitions to prevent DC content of data. Bi-Phase which is self -clocking but reliable and used in early Telephony 1.544Mb/s repeaters then tri-level coding was used. Similar starts in ethernet coding were used.

Magnetic media , AC coding with the maximum bit density required the lowest transition rate in a binary transition coding method in early days was called MFM which put transitions on ones "1"

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Spectrum Analyzer , SA Power measurement methods

by SunnySkyguy on 29th October 2014 at 11:53
Power measurement methods for RF

**Peak** = instantaneous maximum read with storage memory ( digital or Analog )often measured with Log Amplifiers calibrated in dBm for 50 or 75 Ohms

**Average** = time interval averaged over specified interval

Both above are computed by voltage detection into fixed resistance, calibrated to be ideal over spectrum bandwidth.

**True RMS** = measured by temperature rise in a fixed resistance

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AC-DC std LDO Capacitor calculation

by SunnySkyguy on 29th October 2014 at 11:49
Design site has error in the design calculations for RMS >Peak.

In the end the RMS voltage of the transformer should only be slightly more than the LDO Vdc if the optimal parts are selected.

Assuming you want 5V,1A regulated choose LDO regulator with minimum drop otherwise 2.5V typical may require heat-sink , bigger cap. and bigger transformer.

Assuming 50Hz with 100Hz rectifier ripple. produces narrow pulse current in caps (I_rms)

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