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    readback the firmware Cyclone IV

    Dear my friends,

    I have a EP4C10 FPGA (Cyclone IV). It is open (no lock bit set). I want to readback the firmware but i can not use examine

    Zerox100 Today, 12:24 Go to last post

    Re: Filter Cutoff Frequency

    Presumably also, if its an input stage to an isolated SMPS, and the oputput of the SMPS is earthed, then that also bypasses the input filter common chokes/capacitors.

    treez Today, 12:15 Go to last post

    Re: How to calculate transformer winding losses

    Yes, your transformer appears to be an planar transformer, and appears to have leakage inductance designed into it deliberately so its an “Integrated

    treez Today, 12:04 Go to last post

    Re: SMPS power stage bode plot

    Thanks, I previously thought that "Modulator gain" = [Rload/Rsense * gain factor]

    And that the complete open loop comprises

    treez Today, 11:45 Go to last post

    Re: Induction Cooktop Circuit Design

    Hi, thank you for your comment. Could you also advice for resonant controller ic ? I have found resonant controller ics such as ncp1399, fan7631 and ucc256303.

    fethiyeli Today, 11:34 Go to last post