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    Signed fractional format ADC dspic33EV

    I am referring to the microchip dspic33ep micro controller. I am trying to read the adc of the pot, the adc is initialized for signed fractional format

    electronicsman Today, 19:14 Go to last post

    Re: Using AD831 in parallel

    Crystal oscillator output has DC bias of Vcc/2, RF in bias is unknown. Where is it connected to?

    Use capacitor to clock oscillator DC bias.

    FvM Today, 19:13 Go to last post

    Re: Using AD831 in parallel


    Thank you a lot for your help.

    I am sorry, i couldn't get your explanation fully(take in to consideration that I am

    Fikadu Today, 18:05 Go to last post

    SystemVerilog Interface signal assignment

    I'd like to eliminate assignment of signals to every single instantiation of the interface -- see comments [1] and [2] in topmost code snippet. What is

    ghertz Today, 17:30 Go to last post

    Re: Using AD831 in parallel

    For correct double balanced mixer operation (e.g. achieving the specified LO to IF isolation), RF and LO inputs must be DC free. According to your schmematic,

    FvM Today, 17:26 Go to last post