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    Re: Gate Level Simulation

    what do you want me to say? if you try to hack a solution, you get as far as the hack takes you. there are standard ways of doing things, stick to those

    ThisIsNotSam Today, 15:02 Go to last post

    Re: scan chain inside memory

    I can only make an educated guess that the memory also has some controller logic or buffer that is implemented with flip-flops and that those are tested

    ThisIsNotSam Today, 14:56 Go to last post

    Re: Gate Level Simulation

    But the equation in .lib may not be similar to the model file. For example if a D-fliplop is taken its behavioural code is understood as a D-flipflop

    fragnen Today, 14:51 Go to last post

    Re: scan chain inside memory

    Aware of MBIST, BIST, JTAG. Can you please state what are those scan-in pins for in the memory that are purchased. I do not have the document to read

    fragnen Today, 14:47 Go to last post

    Re: Extracting energy from gyroscope precession

    The "reaction" force is perpendicular to the movement, so no work is done. However, your arms apply a horisontal force, and there is a horisontal

    std_match Today, 14:40 Go to last post