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    Re: uc3842/3843 Vcc problem in smps.

    Yes all the points above are valid, and especially from Klaus who has given me and many many others some fantastic electronics info in the past.

    treez Today, 14:36 Go to last post

    Re: Repeat Cycle using timer application

    I'm still confused about what this code is supposed to do and in particular how it produces the display. Am I correct in thinking the lines:


    betwixt Today, 14:30 Go to last post

    Re: uc3842/3843 Vcc problem in smps.

    Looking at data sheets and application notes, the snubber capacitor values range from 3.3nF up to 10nF, 103pF still seems unreasonably low to have any

    betwixt Today, 14:21 Go to last post

    Re: impedance of antenna

    Considering that the questions show rather shallow RF knowledge, it should be at least mentioned that the dipole frequency range is small and impedance

    FvM Today, 14:11 Go to last post

    Re: impedance of antenna

    Come on, no one using using full λ when constructing a dipole, therefore your comment has low value.

    Kiriakos-GR Today, 13:43 Go to last post