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Hi everyone, I want to design a resonator and find its frequency resonances. could anyone help me with this?
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Antenna design and application with optoelectronics devices
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i want to feed spiral antenna in hfss ?
can anyone help me?
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Self inductance of a coil

I have simulated a coil with dimensions (inner diameter = 43mm, outer diameter = 48mm, thickness = 0.035mm, width = 6mm, spiral coil). The coil is copper and inside an open PML region simulated in driven modal with the lumped port excitation.

Now, the self inductance as seen on graph with the formula (-1/(2*pi*f*im(Y(1,1)))) is 2.94E-9 H, but this doesn't seem right from the calculations I made using the dimensions of the coil, and even an equivalent circuit in ADS.

Is there anything that I might be missing, maybe the formula or some of the settings?

Thank you for your time.
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below mentioned warning is appearing while simulating my results.
"discrete solution,process hf3d: '0' conductors touch lumped port '11'typically a lumped port contains 2 conductors. please verify conducting boundaries and objects are correctly assigned and touch the port . If a Radiation boundary touches the portand it is desired for use during the port solution,select 'Use radiation boundary on Ports' under advanced tab in the solution setup".

please guide
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It sounds like you need to assign the boundaries of the box that the lumped port sits on top of as PEC or Radiation Boundaries.

Press "F" to be able to select your face, right click, assign boundary, pick boundary. I

If this explanation was too simple for what you are asking, then I don't know what you actually need.
Following message appears when I do simulation:
" Fast sweep set up , process hf3d: port1 supports an additional propagating and/ or slowly decaying Mode whose attenuation is 2.373e-003 and propagation constant is 1.487e+002"
What does this mean?
How will this affect my results?
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this occurred to me days ago also, and the message disappeared when I changed the HFSS version
how can i design a plannar spiral structure of sensor for stimulation
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