Strange resonances in my CPW

  1. aleksandr_mipt
    Hello everyone! Sorry for stupid question in advance, I am new in HFSS designing.

    So, I've modeled this CPW without ground plate and used Amphenol plugnplay HFSS models of connectors. And what I've got in S11 and S21 for my CPW.
    I think. that this dropdowns on S11 because long pins of the connectors. What do you think? And how can I remove excesses parts of connectors?

    If images don't work (
  2. PlanarMetamaterials
    Are those circles I see in the model vias? I thought there was no ground plane?

    The line doesn't look very uniform, so you could be getting some mismatches. It looks like you have a strong resonant response around 10 GHz -- are you expecting this?
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