Opinion for my future

  1. Vinoth Ram
    Vinoth Ram
    Sir i'm going to complete my PG in VLSI & Embedded System in chennai by end of April 2014.I have done project in RF Design using cadence 180nm , have good knowledge on Verilog, Perl & ASIC Design flow. Not even 1 core company has come to campus so far, I got placed in a IT company, they do have vlsi & Embedded division but not sure they will put me in vlsi fields.I have applied to many companies but non is replying back , everyone wants experienced people. My joining date for the IT is on june 5th 2014 , few days before i came across VLSI training institutes providing certified courses and diploma courses in VLSI design & ASIC Design with placements & they refer to other companies . Should i join the IT sector with little hope of getting into VLSI or join the IT division & do VLSI course as part time during weekends & then search for VLSI jobs or join the VLSI training institute & reject the IT offer ? Pls give your suggestions...
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