Need help Regarding "UPS' as a final year project

  1. sam001
    Hope so. You all will be fine.
    We are two students of Industrial Electronics, in Final year. We are not so much good in our academics. We have chosen a final year project regarding UPS.
    That's why we are seeking help. That what should we do that our project will become at least equal to the standard.
    We can work on Micro-controller also. We need suggestions. If any one of you have an FYP report, then kindly inform me.
    We are very much worried about this. Kindly help us.
    Thanking you
    u can also reply at samiiii2012
  2. M.Shakeel
    My friend works on UPS commercially. We can get help by him, he is an electrical engineer. Please contact on my cell for further discussion 03332992922.
  3. irfan ahmad
    irfan ahmad
    i am professional in electronics . in the past i have worked on many kinds of local ups . i understand approximately all kind of topology in UPS. you should post your complete goal then anyone can help out for this .
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