RFID tags

  1. jeffrey samuel
    jeffrey samuel
    can the real world use RFID tags instead of the conventional bar code

    can RFID replace bar code

    if yes then how

    no then why

    pls help me out in this issue
  2. syedsalmanalam
    yes RDIFs can replace bar codes infact they have replaced in many cases.
  3. abhijeet.kumar
    yes....RFID replace bar code causes of its efficient features...
    1. Non line of sight communication unlike the bar code
    2. Working on radio frequencies while bar code works on optical communication
    3. Can be read upto several feet while bar code range is limited upto 1 or 2 feet..
    4.Can carry relativly large volume of data
    5.It is quit costly but its features force ignore the cost...................................:)
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