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  1. youcefh
    i am working on the coupling betwenn electrmagnetic field and PCB . i have to use the method of moment on matlab in near field . does any one have an idea . thnx for all
  2. mohadese.nozari
    I want to design a cavity resonator in HFSS v10 and i have no formulas for designing it. Can u help me?
  3. hanif
    Asalam O Alaikum, nozari

    i apologies for very very late response, check this link below may be it is helpful to you. it contains designing of a cavity resonator using HFSS, also a word file attached

    How to get Qe from the phase of S11 in HFSS?


    for information regarding cavity resonator please check this link

    Can someone explain how the cavity resonator works?

    ***** HAFIZ
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