CV characteristics of a MOS

  1. biprangshu
    Hi all,
    We all know about the C-V characteristics of a MOS (MOSCAP Or MOSFET). It is the gate capacitance at different Vg.

    I am trying to extract the C-V characteristics in spice. The process is like this

    nmos1 0 gate 0 0 nmos L=0.180U W= 0.270U

    Vin gate 0 DC 0 sin(0 0.1 1K)

    .DC Vin 0 1.8 0.1
    Capacitance = dQ/ dv = (dQ/dt) . (dt/dv)= Ig / (dv/dt)
    That means I need to plot (Ig / (dv/dt)) Vs Vin .
    Can anyone please help how to make the derivative in plot.
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