RN4020 Unstable Connection

  1. Andriyani
    Hi Everyone,
    I have some troubles. It's about my different project questions. I made a project about BLE serial communication with STM32F070. The BLE I use is the RN4020 type from Microchip. I hope that later this serial communication can send data to each other from a PC to a smartphone and from a smartphone to a PC. I use Tera term serial monitor to display data sent on PC and use the MLDP terminal built in from Microchip that I installed on my smartphone to send data from smartphone to PC. To be able to transmit data, the BLE RN4020 module must be in the MLDP (Microchip Low Data Profile) mode that I have set in the program. When the program is running, BLE will issue the passcode displayed on the serial monitor and we ave to enter the passcode if our smartphone wants to connect to Bluetooth. So that, if it is connected between Bluetooth and smartphone, they can send data to each other. But the problem is that the Bluetooth connection doesn't last long, maybe only a few seconds. After that, appears in the serial monitor "Connection End" so that between the two devices can not send data each other. What should I do? I don't know what is the cause of the problem. Do you have several solutions to this project problem? Thank you in advance!
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