Opening files older than of CST Studio 2011

  1. Tschulek

    I take over the working environment of a coleague, who already left the company. have got CST Studio 2011. And I have to open CST files older than that.

    CST Studio says that those files are old and advices to build an backup before opening ( [] Create a backup folder to keep the old project. [] Include results in the backup folder ).
    I say "Yes, build an backup." But CST Studio can't build an backup (Creation of backup failed! Please check your disk space and/or the project path length).
    So CST Studio asked me if I want to open such a file without backup. Again, I say "Yes, open it without backup."
    But CST Studio denys to open the file (Unable to change problem type. No valid license available.)

    My questions:

    - Just to make sure: Is it a license issue or is it, because those files are of an older version?
    - I have got a license text file. But where should I place it?
    - How can I open such CST files?
    - From where can I download older CST Studio versions?

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Mohammad_Ali_AbdEl-Raheem
    1- I want you first to backup the files, since they may be damaged or lose results while you try opening it with your current CST version, or even when downloading older versions.
    Resolving the problem of backup seems easy, just change the backed file name to shorter name or change its path. Make sure that the location of save is large enough for the project and its results.
    2- I think the problem may be a license problem. Is the license of your current version of CST is O.K? I mean, you have tried to open new CST file with your current version, i.e, new project, and everything is fine?
    If the license is not read by CST, it asks about it immediately when you try to open the design environment at the first time. You should then locate the license and CST will copy it by itself in the installation folder without doing it by yourself
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