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  1. tommygo2018
    Hello all, this is my first time communicating in a forum and I have a huge interest in electronics with not so huge knowledge of it , I shall attempt to communicate the best I can.

    I am currently trying to build a circuit which has a handheld transmitter which controls a motorized unit which , again controllable via the remote control, will travel back and forth on a stringline. I want to "fly" my model airplanes high in my room.

    My question is do I need to emply DPDT relays in order to get instructions tothe motor?

    please assist
  2. BradtheRad
    DPDT relay is an easy method to change direction of current through the load. You'll need a separate switch to turn the motor on-off.
    You may want to install a transistor or mosfet to send PWM to the motor, because the relay does not change level of current or voltage. It is common for builders to use a full H-bridge to send PWM in either direction through a load. A full H-bridge consists of 4 transistors (or 4 mosfets).
  3. BradtheRad
    The normal forums are suitable for you to discuss your project. They have greater flow of daily readers.
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