Boost Converter ( 48v to 160v with 2A Iout)

  1. saeidjabbari
    Hi for all
    I want to design DC-DC converter with 320watt output power with Boost converter and UC3842A controller! But i don't know does it possible or no?
    I read some posts of this group and see for converter 12v to 260v offered SG3526 with PUSH-PULL or HALF-B topology!!!
    Now my question is:
    which topology is suitable for 320 watt DC-DC converter (48v to 160v 2A)?
    which IC controller is better ( UC3842A or SG3526 )?

    Thanks for your HELPS
  2. goldsmith
    Hi Saeed
    Yes that is possible . but for my opinion you'd better to go through the flyback or forward converter because of the better specifications .
    Good Luck + Best Wishes
  3. saeidjabbari
    Thanks a lot my best friend
  4. xmen_xwk
    So what did you do ?
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