RF PCB design

  1. madhuwesly01
    Hi Everyone,

    I am working on an RF PCB design. Since I am new to RF(around 900MHz) I have few technical queries, please can any one clarify them:
    1. What is the best way to take an RF line from top(top side) to bottom(other side) using via. What should be the via considerations there to minimize losses/reflections? - Consider 4-Layer PCB, with 0.8mm final board thickness.

    2. In an application circuitry he has mentioned to maintain spacing between components in between RF in and RF out line. It is told in the data-sheet that the additional components(capacitors and inductors) are for 50 Ohm length matching, should we maintain the spacing? Is that for being safe-side or the spacing matters in achieving 50 Ohm impedance?

    Thanks & regards,
  2. mehdu

    1- You need to use 50 ohms via (must be calculated about er and thickness) and have one ground via close to that.

    2- I think there is no need.
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