CRN65LP - Need proper documentation

  1. Praveen Pendyala
    Praveen Pendyala
    Hello Group Members,

    This is my first post to the Cadence group in edaboard. I am a Masters student working on a high-speed laser driver circuit as part of my thesis. My work is being done in TSMC 65nm (CRN65LP) PDK.

    As part of my thesis, I need to write a few paragraphs on the PDK. Where can I find the documentation for the same? I am looking for specific advantages of using models from this PDK - like how the LP (low-power) version of the PDK is different from the GP version and what are the changes in the device structure.

    If anyone can please guide me on where I look for these answers, I'll be really grateful.

    Thank you for your help.
  2. erikl
    I think you should find this info in the CRN65LP PDK docu.
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