MoM and FEM results different, even with strong refinement

  1. Feitoza

    I am designing a microstrip monopole antenna for UHF RFID range. I trust the MoM S-Param results, but I need to validate the design also using FEM, considering that the radiation characteristics calculated by FEM are more trustable (because MoM considers the lateral extension of substrate infinite). I've read several threads of forums and I found suggestions to use a small delta S (for instance, 0.05---0.001) and to rise the maximum number of adaptive passes. I am using delta 0.001 and 60 adaptive passes, and I am still getting unphysical results for my antenna, even though the calculation time is very long. Also, when I export to EMPRO and use this same settings, I run out of memory and the simulation ends in an error. Can you help me with some advanced FEM settings in order to help me with this problem? Any suggestions?

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