Solution Frequency and Delta S in Ansys HFSS

  1. isla4018
    Hello all,

    I have few questions regarding S parameter simulation in Ansys HFSS.

    1. What is solution frequency in Ansys HFSS?
    2. If I choose to simulate S parameters in 0-5 GHz frequency range, then what will be my solution frequency and how can I determine that?
    3. What is maximum delta S in HFSS and how to determine that for 4 ports S parameters ?

  2. nomigoraya
    Solution frequency you define in HFSS when you insert solution setup and HFSS solves the model at that frequency.
    If you sweep the frequency then HFSS will solve the model at discrete frequency points and give the solution at all defined frequency range.
    You will know that what is the frequency from the plot of S parameters vs frequency
    Accuracy of solution depends on the definition of mesh for more accurate solution you need more fine mesh
  3. nomigoraya
    How to determine 4 Port solution?
    You define the ports at your input point and at the sink HFSS will solve the model for defined ports automatically
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