Object - camera distance calculation

  1. samseg
    i need suggestions on how to determine distance between object and a camera. I am currently working on a project for blind men to freely navigate using image signal processing technique.
    I am at the point to let the blind man know how far an obstacle is from him.
  2. andre_teprom
    Unless measuring the same object, as well being able to map its possible route ( which is not your application ), you'll need at least two cameras for that. In addition, you'll need another sensor for determining the referential angle of the camera from the ground.
  3. samseg
    I appreciate your quick response,Ok. I understand but I need a code in matlab for this
  4. andre_teprom
    Take a look on Mathworks website using search criteria "Camera+Calibration".
  5. samseg
    i now have formula to calculate the object distance from the camera which is object_DISTANCE= x/(tan(q1)+ tan (q2)..where x is the distnce between the two camera placed at slightly different positions q1=camera horisontal angle of view for the first camera and q2=the second camera horisontal angle of view. Now my question is what kind of sensor can i use to continously monitor the angles of each camera. I also want to know how this can be implemented in matlab
  6. samseg
    i look forward to suggestions on getting matlab algorithim for calculating object camera distance
  7. samseg
    @andre_teprom... I read the calibration stuff on Mathworks but the grammar is just too hard....they were talking of chestboard pattern and idont know what it is..any suggestion is welcome
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