Diode current equation

  1. sgrao
    I am trying to simulate S1G diode current Vs voltage graph with temperature as variable parameter.

    I have used equations

    Id = Is(Tmeas) * exp(((Vd-(Rs*Id))*q/(k*Tmeas*n))-)+(Gmin*Vd)
    where Is(Tmeas) = Is_nom* pow((Tmeas/Ta),(XTi/n))*exp(((1/Ta)-(1/Tmeas))*q*Eg/n/k)

    Ta - Ambient Temperature
    Tmeas - Temperature at which current value is required
    Id - Diode instantaneous current
    Is_nom - Reverse saturation current = 7.08264E-9
    Is(Tmeas) - Reverse saturation current @ Tmeas
    Vd - Instantaneous diode voltage
    Rs - Diode series resistance = 0.0243166 ohms
    q - Charge of electron - 1.602E-19
    k - Boltzmann's constant - 1.38062E-23
    n - diode constant - 2
    Gmin = 1E-12
    Eg = 1.1eV
    XTi - Saturation current temperature exponent = 3 considered

    I am not getting values as per the graph shared by S1G diode supplier.

    I would like to know whether diode series resistance, Saturation current temperature exponent are temperature dependent? If so what equations I need to consider to derive Rs and XTi as temperature dependent.

    Also, would like to know if any parameters I need to consider to get exact values as in graph.
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