DC Voltage Doubler Circuit

  1. umerhuzaifa
    assalamualaekum! everybody,

    A nice group..
    i am working on a usb mobile charger.It was easy had i required only a 5V supply to charge my thing but it turned out that its charger actually gave something around 8V so i need to have a supply of around this value "out of 5V of USB".I think 10V will also do.(kindly guide if not).
    Can anyone please share any dc multiplier circuit..?
  2. Raza
    Walaikam salam
    The DC Voltage can not be doubled. It needs atleast pulsating DC if not AC. If it was delivering 5 volts earlier and now it is givig 8 voltas then the control circuitry inside the charger is gone bad. If you put up a clear picture of the same of the PCB I may help you to fix it.
  3. abdulmakhdoom
    Sometimes charger give us 6volt but 8v is not possible.Thats the internal circuitry error.
  4. edgoulart
    Salam aleekum
    I also would like very much to see how your schematic looks like, umerhuzaifa; can you post an image of it here?
    Ed Goulart
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