Phase and attenuation constant of 1-D periodic structure using CST or HFSS

  1. xysean

    I intend to plot B/ko and a/ko plots of this paper through simulation either in CST or HFSS. The plots are shown in figure 5 of the paper (link below). The link to implementation of this antenna in CST is below as well. I have come across alot of answers but none of them seem to give me the right plot and at this point, I am not sure which one of them is right. I have tried eigenmode solver using slow-wave example, frequency domain solver has a gamma plot but normalizing it through ko doesn't give the right response either. Also, I have plotted in HFSS using floquet ports. and I have tried to use the formula [acos(((1-s(1,1)*s(2,2)+s(1,2)*s(2,1)))/2/s(2,1)) ]. Please assist me on this. Thanks.


    Implementation of paper in CST:
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