CST and Superconducting Metamaterials

  1. arthur_hlferreira
    I am studying the influence of metamaterials in a wireless power transfer system by coupled magnetic resonance. My work consists in the efficiency comparison of a WPT system using “superconducting metamaterial” with "conventional metamaterial". The efficiency results are obtained by software simulations in CST Studio.

    The efficiency was measured by comparing the active power measured at the 100 ohm resistor compared to the active power supplied by the source. In this email are attached some samples of my work developed so far.

    Then, after reading the paper “Analysis of wireless power transfer using superconducting metamaterials” I decided to try to simulate a superconducting metamaterial as was used. But, to simulate in CST with this superconducting metamaterial I need to build it in the software. Because it, I need some informations about the superconducting metamaterial and the substrate (LaAlO3).

    About the substrate (LaAlO3) and the spiral (YCBO) I need to know the :

    1 - General:
    1.1 - Type (PEC, Normal, Anisotropic, Lossy metal, Lossy metal temp. dep., Corrugated wall, Ohmic sheet, Surface imp. (table), Thin panel, Perforations, Shielded cable, or Temp. dependent)
    1.2 - 𝑒
    1.3 - µ

    2 - Conductivity:
    2.1 - Electric conductivity [S/m]
    2.2 - Tangent delta el. (and what its frequency)
    2.3 - Magnetic conductivity [1/Sm]
    2.4 - Tangent delta mag. (and what its frequency)
    2.5 - Frequency range

    3 - Thermal:
    3.1 - Thermal conductivity [W/K/m]
    3.2 - Heat capacity kJ/K/Kg

    4 - Mechanics:
    4.1 - Young’s modulus [Gpa]
    4.2 - Poisson’s ratio
    4.3 - Thermal expansion coefficient [1e-6/k]

    5 - Density:
    5.1 - Rho [kg/m³]

    Sure of your attention, I say thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Arthur Henrique de Lima Ferreira
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